Ernest LeGrand "Bill" and Lola Hacking Fowlke

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Ernest LeGrand Fowlke News from Lola Hacking Fowlke & Family


The past year has been so full of Blessings to me and my family, we are so grateful for them.  We all have enjoyed very good health.

LeGrand and I have had the opportunity of working together in the church.  He was called as second counselor in the Stake Genealogy and I was called as Secretary.  He hadn't been in this position long when he was called to work in the Windsor Ward Bishopric as second counselor.  His advancement to a High Priest and increased activity in the priesthood has meant so much to all of us.  One of his responsibilities in the Bishopric includes presiding over the Sunday School.  That  is good, we can attend many of the same meetings together, as I am a Stake Sunday School Board Member, in charge of the Genealogical Class. 

I enjoy my church work very much, but most of all I enjoy being LeGrand's wife and Mother to five of the finest children in the world!  (We think)!  We have three daughters attending school and each one attends school in a different city.

Our oldest daughter, Lola Lorraine, who just turned 13 years- old, is almost as tall as I am.  She rides the bus to Pleasant Grove Jr. High, where she is an honor student.  She plays the clarinet in the band.  She and Ann Lee also play the piano and dance. 

Ann Lee, our second daughter, began school in Lindon, but because of overcrowding was transferred to the new Geneva School in Orem.  She plays violin in the orchestra, the big drum in the band.  She won the School Talent Show and was chosen to perform a Hawaiian Dance at the other schools in the district.  She performed the dance at the Utah State Mental Hospital and the patients loved it!

Our third daughter Jane attends school at Lindon.  She crossed a busy highway twice a day to catch her bus.  She is a loveable and unselfish person; always sharing her treats with the rest of the family!

Keren and William are home with me, during the day, and keep me busy.  They are so opposite.  Keren is slightly built like, a china doll and William is so husky and rowdy-he's all boy!  To have a boy in our family has opened up an entirely new world for us.  For the first time, we have been able to have guns, rocking horses, etc for Christmas.  A big change from the dolls and buggies!

Last May we decided to sell our car and go back to Detroit to buy a new one.  We rode on the California Zypher in the "See" Car.  We had the most beautiful view of the Colorado Rockies, as we went around mountains and through tunnels-the six mile long Moffet Tunnel. However, the ride was very frightening to people from the East.  We met some very interesting people, and heard, and saw many things we were unaccustomed to-a minister getting drunk with a returning sailor Saturday night, then leaving the train Sunday morning to preach to a congregation.  It made us appreciate the high standards of our leaders!

The assembly line at the Pontiac Factory was very interesting!  It was a big thrill to drive a new car out of the factory and then home!

Highlights of our trip home were:  Our visit to Nauvoo, the Nauvoo Temple site, the home our grandparents left, to come to Utah, and Carthage Jail. (It was very touching to be in the same room where the prophet Joseph was martyred and see the window he fell out of)! 

On our return trip we traveled part way along the Old Mormon Trail Route.  As we sped along in the comfort of our new car, I wondered how long it had taken; and how hard it must have been for our ancestors to make the journey from Nauvoo to Salt Lake City, by ox team or "on foot"?

Our biggest thrill though, was to return to our "little brood" and Mother Hacking who had been so sweet to care for them while we were gone!

(Retyped by Keren Fowlke Morton 2006)  


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