Earnest Alva Fowlke

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A Tribute to Earnest Alva Fowlke by Winiferd Fowlke 


It must be noted, and respect given, to our parents for a precious gift - that of a "clear birthright".

It must also "be said of my father that he was industrious and all he earned was brought home for use therein. Many of his dreams for his family faltered with the depression and all its complications. He earned his children's respect for his honesty. At one time he told me he was responsible for all the money concerning a project of installing drinking water in the town of Lindon. Even though much money was involved, my father was never put under any type of "bond". He can also be grouped with the few men whose "handshake" and his "word" was considered a solomon bond.

I remember my father took a few minutes to pen the following in my autograph book when I was approximately 8 years of age.

May your life be like a snowflake

Leave a mark but never a stain.

August 21, 1980


(signed Winiferd)

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