Earnest Alva Fowlke

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March 2008


     I am looking forward to getting better acquainted with my grandpa by reading his histories and reading the memories of other family members.  My memories of him were when he wasn't well and was dying with cancer.  I remember him sitting in a chair by the kitchen door and was quite.  He was always well groomed and looked nice in a long sleeve shirt and clean overalls.

     My mother, Pearl Jolley Fowlke, remembers that he was always pleasant and had a smile on his face.  She said that he would always tell jokes and stories after a meal when his stomach was full.  When he went peddling, he was well groomed with a long sleeve shirt, tie, and clean overalls.

     While my father, Durmont H. Fowlke, was alive, he told me the following things about my grandpa.  As a young man, grandpa herded sheep for his employment.  He told my dad that when he was in the sheep camp, he made pies thirteen high and sheepherders came miles around for his pies.  Grandpa said it was against the law to cut a pie - you should sit and eat a whole pie.  Grandpa said he liked two kinds of pie - hot and cold.  His description of some people was, "he looked like a sheepherder and smelled like a Billy goat. "  As a young man he said the girls lined up to dance with him so they could feel his silk shirts.  (My dad said he was always well dressed and had a shine to him.)  Grandpa would tease grandma by saying she was kicking the wall until he would ask her to dance.  He dated her in Heber and when her family moved to Wyoming he went to get her when they were to be married.  If my dad would be working in the fields with grandpa and asked him what time it was, he would say, "there was a clock in Murray for the poor people."  (He didn't want to take time to pull his pocket watch out.)   Grandpa would take a team of horses to Bingham to sell produce and one winter his load tipped over five times before he made it there.

     It will be a glorious day when I meet my grandpa on the other side and to be able to talk to him and really get to know him personally.