Esther Mariah Hanks Fowlke

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A Tribute to Esther Mariah Hanks Fowlke by Winiferd Fowlke


Words can't express my respect for mother. She was earthly, she made mistakes, but they appeared considerable minor in comparison with her tremendous capabilities that were required for solving almost insurmountable problems. As I can testify, it appeared as if mother were "required" to live, and bare, more than should have been expected of any mere human.

At this time (1980) it is my feeling that mother is her very happiest. She is now beyond this earthly involvement and her hard earned wisdom, insight, courage and lofty ideals can readily be seen in her fine group of grandchildren that are reaching for her dream of a fine education and striving to live close to our Heavenly Father.

August 21, 1980

(signed Winiferd)



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