Esther "Etta" Mariah Hanks Fowlke

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Memories of Mother


Ola Jeneal Fowlke Rodgers

August 1, 1987

My first memory of mother is when she tried my shoes with her hands which impressed me so much and served us all so well. She made bread every day, baked raisin filled cookies, and all kinds of pies (especially Dad's favorite which was hot or cold pie). Mother made freezers of homemade ice cream, dill pickles, hot dinner rolls, roast beef and spring fried chickens. She killed and cleaned the chicken mostly by herself. Mother bottled all varieties of fresh fruits, jams, fresh tomatoes, tomato juice, catsup, chili sauce, homemade mustard, scraffle and sour kraut. The list is endless.

With those hands, she also made quilts, sheets and pillow cases for the family and beautiful clothes for her daughters. Mother took great pride in her laundry by boiling the clothes on the wood stove and neatly pressed them with irons heated on the top of the stove. The house sparkled due to spring and fall house cleaning.

Her talents and strength never ended. She was a natural born nurse caring for her family in sickness. She also took care of the farm animals seeing that they were fed and watered when Dad was away. Mother's health was not the best, having had several major operations.

It was important to mother that she adapt to new things from the horse and buggy to automobiles, airplanes, radios, music on record and television.

Mother enjoyed good music, especially waltzes. She loved her beautiful flower garden and all the beauty of nature. To ride up Provo Canyon was a great joy to her.

She was a wonderful mother and grandmother, who was always teaching and blessing our lives with her great wisdom.

I remember how I loved to see mother curl her hair with the curling iron and wear her blue poka dot dress. She was a beautiful lady. Her eyes were the window of her soul. When she looked at you, you knew of her strength, love, and the compassion she had.

Ola Jeneal Rodgers


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